The Study of Theory of Mind Deficit in Schizophrenic Patients with Positive and Negative Symptom and its Comparison with Healthy People

Document Type : Research Paper



This research is investigated to study theory of mind deficit in schizophrenic patients with positive and negative symptoms and it's comparison with healthy people. For this regard, 80 subjects (40 schizophren and 40 normal people) of both gender were selected from  Razi hospital in-patients and education organization staffs through convenience sampling, then administered to Baron-hon. computerized version of revised reading the mind in the eyes” test. Data were analyzed using one-way analysis of variance, Tukey post hoc and independent t student test.The results showed that theory of mind has impaired in people suffering from schizophrenia as compared to healthy people. This deficit is more in patients with Negative symptom than patients with Positive symptoms. But result showed no a significant difference between male and female subjects in the amount of theory of mind deficit.