Guide for Authors


Publication of the article in the Quarterly Journal of Modern Psychological Studies is subject to specialized and scientific review by reviewers in the related subject. Observance of ethical and behavioral standards by authors, editors, reviewers and publishers are considered crucial in order to ensure the high quality of publication of scientific articles, valid scientific findings as well as the author's scientific credibility. This Quarterly Journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and meets its principles. Here are some of the important principles:




Publisher Criteria
1. The personal information of the authors of the articles must be strictly confidential to all persons who have access to it, such as the editor, members of the editorial board and the executive director of the journal, and other executors (other than the author) such as reviewers, consultants, editors and publishers, and be protected at all times, except in the case of plagiarism, the provision of information to the relevant follow-up committee is unrestricted.




2. Fair reviewing

Decisions about articles should be made at any stage regardless of the authors' race, gender, religious beliefs, ethnicity, citizenship, or political philosophy.




3. Policies and guidelines of Quarterly Journal should be informed to authors, readers, and professional reviewers, and be reviewed periodically, in particular associated with the new recommendations announced by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).



 4. Organizations, sponsors and responsible executives should be followed up on suspicious fraud investigations.



Authors’ guidelines
1. Articles should be the findings of studies, and research of the author or authors. Those works should be cited if other studies are used. Plagiarism in any way, such as using another research, copying, or reporting the findings of other studies with different wording, etc., is immoral and unacceptable.


2. The articles should not previously published in any other journals, or the collection of articles of seminars and conferences series, or have not been sent to other journals at the same time). Also, refrain from sending the article to another journal until the month after sending the article to this quarterly, otherwise, while deleting the article, we apologize for accepting subsequent articles.



3. Canceling the review of the article is possible only after three days of uploading on the site. It is not possible to cancel after the article has entered the reviewing process. It is also not possible to cancel the publication of articles that have been accepted for publication.


4. Conflict of Interest Disclosure:

All authors must disclose any financial and supportive resources of the article. They must disclose any personal relationships with other people or organizations that could inappropriately influence (bias) their work.




5. The overlap of the article with other published articles should be informed so that the editorial board could make the final decision on rejecting or accepting the article.



6. Corresponding author in the article must be identified.


7. The original form of the rejected or canceled submitted articles will be removed from the archive of the quarterly journal after six months and the quarterly will accept no responsibility.




 8. In case of any mistakes and inaccuracies in the article, the author should inform the quarterly and cooperate to correct the article.