The Quarterly Journal of Modern Psychological Researches of the University of Tabriz, which was published until the end of 2009 under the name of Psychology of the University of Tabriz, analyzes and reviews articles related to the subject area of psychology for probable acceptance and publication in this quarterly.

Accepted articles for publication can be seen in the articles in press section (in the right side of the journal website). Otherwise, the acceptance certificate attributed to this journal has no legal validity.

About the journal

Printing turn: Quarterly

Publication language: Persian-English

Access type: open and free access

Type of arbitration: two-sided and unclear

Version type: printed until 1398, electronic from 1399

Journal Email:

Journal Abbreviation Code: JMPR

Average duration of the arbitration process:

Average article acceptance rate:

Journal rank in the portal of science journals:

Thematic area of ​​the journal: Clinical. personality, developmental, general, and cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, methodology and psychometrics

Cost of the article publication process: According to the regulations of the Ministry of Science, after the completion of the arbitration and the final approval of the judges and the editor, and before the issuance of the acceptance certificate, 400 thousand Tomans will be taken from the author or authors as the cost of publishing the article.

This journal is following of Committee On Publication Ethics (COPE) and coplies with the highest ethical standards in accordance with ethical laws.


Quarterly Journal of Modern Psychological Research, University of Tabriz, is a scientific journal with free and open access.

Journal of Modern Psychological Research examines plagiarism through hamyab sinaweb website before sending article to referees.


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