Author = Masoumeh Azemodeh
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Rational Emotive-Behavioral Couple Therapy on Improving Dysfunctional Communicational Beliefs of Couples Seeking Divorce

Volume 19, Issue 73, April 2024, Pages 11-20


Sakineh Abbasi Boroundaragh; Masoomeh Azmodeh; Bahramali Ghanbari Hashemabadi; Seyyed Davoud Hoseininasab

The effectiveness of storytelling on aggression, anxiety and social fear in children with obsessive-compulsive disorder

Volume 18, Issue 71, October 2023, Pages 295-303


naimeh yosefi; masomeh azmodeh; shahram vahedi; sholeh livarjani

Comparison of efficacy of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing of emotional freedom technique and cognitive-behavioral therapy in PTSD in covid-19

Volume 18, Issue 69, June 2023, Pages 17-24


Mohammad Akbari; Alinaghi Aghdasi; Amir Panah ali; Masoumeh Azemodeh; Reza Naghdi sadeh